Casale Brunet Consulting

Specialized Consulting Services in Software Design and Development for Digital Data Storage and Analysis

Data modelling & Structuring.

We bring to the table extensive knowledge in structuring and representing information, honed across various sectors. Our active participation in international standardization committees, such as ISO, MPEG, and MPAI, underscores our commitment to excellence.

Data collection & Curation.

We possess the expertise to collect and curate data from a diverse range of sources: from blockchain technology to social media. Our extensive cross-disciplinary knowledge enables us to structure this data on both SQL and NoSQL databases. Leveraging the latest methodologies based on artificial intelligence, we skillfully index, compress, and access the data, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in the entire pipeline.

Trends & Patterns.

By harnessing the power of machine learning techniques, we excel not only in recognizing existing patterns but also in foreseeing emerging trends, through both historical and real-time data analysis. This capability empowers us to deliver advanced, predictive insights that are crucial for strategic decision-making.

Fuelling Artificial Intelligence Pipelines.

Harnessing Data as the New Oil.

Bridging Cutting-Edge Science and Technology.

At the core of our company lies a profound scientific knowledge, strengthened by our strategic connections with leading Swiss and international universities. This unique collaboration positions us at the forefront of utilizing the latest technologies and scientific methodologies.

Casale Brunet Consulting

Simone Casale Brunet, PhD

Les Bioux (VD)
1346 – Switzerland